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XTM Cloud 13.4

Computer activation for XTM Cloud


Activate your computer the first time you log in to XTM Cloud.

Activating your computer to access XTM Cloud for the first time

Password Requirements

The password must contain a number, an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter and be 8-64 characters long.

  1. Go to the XTM Cloud login page.

  2. Enter your:

    1. Company name – freelancers can enter their username as the company name.

    2. Username

    3. Password

  3. In the message This computer is not authorized ... , click the link activate computer.

  4. XTM Cloud sends an email with the activation link.

  5. Open the email, copy the activation link and paste it into the address bar, in your browser, and press Enter.


  • You will be asked to do this once on each new computer that you use to access XTM Cloud.

  • You can only use each link once.

  • You need to generate an activation link for each new browser.

  • You need to perform all the actions above on the same computer.


This level of security can be changed by your XTM Cloud Administrators in Security Settings.