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XTM Cloud 13.4

Creating segment filter profile

As Administrators you can create advanced, customized filters by joining two or more segment filters together using Boolean AND/OR operators and saving the combination as a filter profile. You can also save frequently used configurations of a single filter for convenient reuse. Saved segment filter profiles are displayed at the top of the Segment filters list with an icon menu-old.gif to their left.

Administrators and Project Managers can decide:

  • which segment filters can be accessed by linguists in XTM Workbench

  • whether linguists can disable those filters

To configure segment filter profile:
  1. Go to Configuration > Settings > Translation > Segment filters > Add new segment filter profile.

  2. Fill in the popup as required:

    1. Provide a Profile name for your segment filter profile.

    2. Use AND/OR operators, as needed.

    3. From the available filter list under Choose filters to show segments with select checkboxes next to the segment filters you want to make available for linguists.

  3. Click Save profile.


    • The Segment filter profile parameter can now be accessed in the following forms/places:

      • Create project form in: Translation section

      • Project Editor in: Projects > General info section

      • Project template editor in: Projects > Templates > Project details > Settings section

    • Additional Enable linguist to turn the profile off checkbox is displayed.


      Additional Enable linguist to turn the profile off checkbox