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XTM Cloud 13.4

Word count usage

If you have an XTM Cloud Freelance or Small Group Account, there is a limit on the number of words that you can process through the system.

Each month your account will be automatically credited with the specified number of words and you can also buy additional words on-line as you require them. Then as you process jobs the words will be deducted from your running total.

The words in ICE matches and non-translatable segments are not counted or deducted from your word allowance.

The words are not deducted during project creation. This gives you the possibility to check metrics and open XTM Workbench in read only mode to check segmentation. The project is activated and words subtracted from your allowance when one of the following happens:

  • XTM Workbench is opened with full read write access.

  • When you generate any of the files on the Files tab.

  • For a Group account if a workflow action is performed such as assigning a user to the workflow or starting the workflow.

Once the project has been activated the words are subtracted and this cannot be undone.

At the end of the month any unused words on your account are carried forward to the next month. This only happens for one month after which the unused words are lost. XTM Cloud will always use the oldest words first.