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XTM Cloud 13.4

Excluding participants from the existing chat

A user with the Project Manager role can exclude participants from the existing chat.

To exclude participants from the existing chat:
  1. In the right-hand corner of the top navigation bar, select the XTM Chat icon Chats_brand_refreshed.svg.

  2. Select the required chat.


    If needed, select the arrow-up-right-from-square-regular.svg Access Query management to see more chats button to open the Query management popup in which you can search for chats using chat filters and sorting options.

  3. In the chat box, select the user icon user-solid.svg.

  4. In the top panel of the participants list, click the Change participants... button.


    A Change chat participants popup is displayed.

  5. In the Change chat participants popup, go to the right-hand side pane.

  6. Hover over the name of the user, that you would like to exclude from the chat.

  7. Click the xmark-large-solid.svg icon on the right from the user name.


    The name of the selected user will disappear from the right-hand side pane and will be displayed in the appropriate categories on the left-hand side pane.

  8. Click Save chat to save your changes.

  9. Click xmark-large-solid.svg or the Close button to close the Change chat participants popup.