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XTM Cloud 13.4

Text formatting

To access the Text formatting parameters go to Configuration > Settings > Translation > Workflow and access > Text formatting.

Table 24. Text formatting parameters



Allow text formatting

Text formatting in the source and target documents is represented in XTM Workbench by numbers in curly brackets e.g. {1}. If you enable text formatting in this section, users will be able to add additional formatting in the target text. When this feature is disabled, there has to be the same number of numbers in curly brackets in the source and target texts. This feature is useful, for example, when formatted words in the source are in one continuous string, but in the target language they are not continuous. Note that the additional formatting is restricted to certain file formats.

When text formatting is enabled in XTM Configuration, a new text formatting section is displayed in Customer settings. Customers can have individual text formatting settings.

The text formatting feature is available in the XTM Workbench only for projects created after the text formatting option has been enabled and for file formats specified either in the XTM configuration, or under a specific customer setting. When text formatting is enabled for a project, it is not possible to generate any files or packages for offline translation, such as XLIFF files, the Excel Editor spreadsheet, or the TIPP package. To enable the generation and import of XLIFF files for projects with text formatting:

To request support

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System default

Selecting the System default checkbox means that the default settings for XTM will be enabled for the file formats shown in the box below

File formats

Displays the file formats for which you can use additional formatting are displayed.

To edit the selection, click in the textbox area.