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XTM Cloud 13.4

QA parameters

Project Managers can configure a customer, project and template QA profile by selecting any of the following parameters for quality assurance in XTM Workbench:


  • Missing or incorrectly formatted number

  • Numbers inside words

  • Extra number in target text


  • Missing space after punctuation marks

  • Multiple punctuation marks in a sentence

  • Multiple spaces in a sentence

  • Spaces before punctuation marks

  • No spaces before punctuation marks required for French (Switzerland)

  • Spaces around inline tags

  • Spaces around double byte characters

  • Trailing tabs or spaces at the beginning or end of a sentence

  • Uneven number of opening and closing brackets


  • Check non-translatable text in curly brackets

  • Forbidden characters

  • Identical source and target

  • Repeated words

  • Spelling errors

  • Check grammar and style

  • Translations below quality threshold

  • Inappropriate language


  • Forbidden terms used

  • Rejected terms used

  • Translation of a term not found

  • Translation of term does not exist in terminology

Translation Memory

  • Unedited fuzzy match


  • Order of inline tags is changed or content is missing between inline tags in target segment