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XTM Cloud 13.4

QA settings

QA settings are arranged in QA profiles that you can select during project creation.

A Default QA profile is a global profile. It applies to all projects, customers, and languages.

You can add your own QA profiles for various scenarios:
  •  global.

  • customer-specific.

  • language-specific.

Creating QA profile
To create a language-specific QA profile
  1. Select Configuration > Settings > QA.

  2. Select the Add QA profile button.

  3. Add the name of the QA profile.

  4. Decide whether it should apply to all customers (Global) or to selected customers.

  5. Select your preferred target language(s), a Language specific tab is displayed next to the General tab.

  6. In the Language specific tab, select the settings that will apply to the selected language.

  7. Select Save.

XTM Workbench will recognize language-specific QA configurations for selected languages. Global QA settings will be used for languages without a language-specific setup.