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XTM Cloud 13.4

General settings in XTM Workbench

The functionalities that can be adjusted under General settings include:

  • Change segment status automatically

  • Show segment ID

  • Populate target with source text

  • Auto-insert inline tags into target segment

  • Set start position for cursor in target segment (at the beginning or at the end)

  • Update repeated segments

  • Show QA warning if word is in source text

  • Run QA automatically when segment set to completed

  • Run QA for ICE matches

  • Spell checking tool to use (XTM or Microsoft Word)

  • Number of displayed segments

  • Scroll the XTM Workbench window automatically

  • Show character counter

Show segment IDs

You can add a unique tag for each segment in XTM Workbench. Once configured by XTM Support, IDs are displayed in a row under the segment content. This feature can be used for the process of ID segment matching. It can also help the translator identify the segment location in the project.

XTM supports segment IDs for XML, JSON, xlsx, yml, YAML, xls, strings and properties files.

To enable the Segment ID feature on your account:

To request support

Visit our Support Portal.


Segment IDs hidden from view in XTM Workbench are searchable in the Find and replace option.

Show segment IDs in XTM Workbench

Linguists can configure if and when they want to see the segment IDs.

  1. Go to Settings > General > Show segment IDs.

  2. Select Show all Segment IDs

  3. Select Save.

Segment IDs are visible under each segment.


Segment IDs can be copied and then pasted into the Find and replace option. It allows you to look for an exact or partial match of the ID.

Copy segment ID icon

Copy segment ID icon