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XTM Cloud 13.4

Navigating within a file

XTM Workbench offers automatic loading of segments, which means that a pre-set number of segments will be displayed at a time.

You can also choose whether you want to scroll automatically by clicking a segment or by using keyboard shortcuts or by both methods. The segment you place your cursor in is centered. To set the preferred XTM Workbench, in the top menu select Settings > General. Then, in the Settings popup, in the General tab screen, find the XTM Workbench window section. In it, make the relevant settings.

Check Setting the number of segments displayed in XTM Workbench if you want to show a specific number of segments.


Segments are loaded automatically once you move upwards or downwards from one segment to another. Scrolling the page, whilst remaining in the active segment, will load additional segments. Once you scroll the page and reach the end of the loaded set of segments, irrespective of the scrolling direction, a message is displayed on a blue ribbon: Activate one of the visible segments to load more segments.

Using title bar to move to a specific segment
  1. In the title bar navigation field, enter the number of the segment you want to navigate to.

  2. Select Enter to approve your selection.

You are immediately taken to the segment you have entered, while the segment itself is centered.


Finding segments

Navigating from the context menu

Context navigation provides quick access to features related to movement between segments and actions performed on specific segments. All options are available from this context menu and as a keyboard shortcut.

Accessing context navigation menu in XTM Workbench
  1. Right-click in the target segment.

  2. Select Navigation.

  3. Select the required option.


Navigating from the context menu