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XTM Cloud 13.4

SYSTRAN Translate

The machine translation engine details are available on this website:

Thanks to AI-enhanced TM powered by SYSTRAN, it is possible to improve machine translation matches using the fuzzy matches from the translation memory. The level of the fuzzy match returned in the selected segment is not relevant.

SYSTRAN offers two types of account:

  • Free: translation of 1,000,000 characters per calendar month

  • Pro: unlimited translation

A fuzzy machine translation match based on an existing fuzzy translation can be accessed in the Matches panel in XTM Workbench if:

  • there is no higher match than fuzzy in the segment (ICE, leverage, repetition)

  • there is at least one fuzzy match in any of the fuzzy match ranges deselected under Configuration > Settings > Translation > Machine translation > General options

Learn how to connect XTM Cloud to your SYSTRAN Translate engine.

To configure the use of SYSTRAN Translate on your XTM Cloud account, select the relevant settings in the General options section. Here, you can deselect the checkboxes related to the fuzzy matches you want to send to SYSTRAN. Fuzzy repetitions cannot be sent to SYSTRAN.