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XTM Cloud 13.4

Proposal factors

Using this tab, you can set the default factors that are used to automatically calculate the cost and duration estimates for customers.

It is also possible to set estimate factors or actual prices for the number of copies, speed of delivery, metrics, workflow, and document authentication. For more information about the estimated factors see Estimates in the Project Editor.

Setting proposal factors
  1. Select Configuration > Data > Estimates > Proposal factors,

  2. Select the required factors:

    • Base cost per page.

    • Base cost per word.

    • Base cost per character.

    • Base pages per day.

    • Base words per day.

    • Base characters per day.

    • Minimum word count.

    • Minimum character count.

    • Minimum charge.

    • Minimum charge on discount.

    • Calculate estimates per page.

    • Currency.

    • Calculation method.

    • Work schedule.

    • Rounding point.

    • Paying VAT.

    • Project management fee.

    • Project discount days factor.

    • Project discount price factor.

    • Factors for the number of copies.

    • Speed factors – Premiums. There are three levels which become progressively faster and more expensive.

    • Metrics factors for all the different types of matching.

    • Price and duration factors for additional steps in the workflow.

    • Actual price or factors for document authentication.

  3. Select Save.