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XTM Cloud 13.4

Setting XTM Cloud status to green/done

When TIPP has been activated in Configuration > Settings > System > General, a new field is displayed in the Workflow Editor window called Set XTM status to green/done. This allows you to set the status of segments in XTM depending on their status in an imported XLIFF:doc.

To use this feature, you set the XTM status value from the dropdown menu and then when you import an XLIFF:doc into XTM any segments with a status greater than or equal to the set value, will be automatically given a green/done status in XTM Workbench.

Use the Populate linguist from template option to select a template to populate workflows steps with linguists only and decide whether to overwrite linguists that are already assigned.

Files that cannot be analyzed There are three reasons why a file cannot be processed in XTM Cloud:

  • The file is not supported by XTM Cloud. There is not a suitable file filter to extract content. For example, a .png file cannot be processed in XTM Cloud.

  • The file is empty. Files of this type have a suitable filter but do not contain any text for translation.

  • The file is invalid. These files cannot be processed by the file filter. This happens if the file extension has been changed or if they contain incorrectly formed XML.

In these cases, if the option has been switched on in Configuration > Settings > Workflow > Workflow Options, the file is displayed as shown below which allows the Project Manager to set and manage a workflow for this type of file.

When you allocate a linguist to a task for non-analyzable file, the task will be displayed in their inbox, but when they Select it the only option will be to download the file and work off-line. XTM Workbench is not available.