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XTM Cloud 13.4

Project QA profile parameters

In the Project QA profile popup you can customize the QA profile selected for the relevant project. To do so, select or deselect the following parameters:


  • Missing or incorrectly formatted number.

  • Numbers inside words.

  • Extra number in target text.


  • Missing space after punctuation marks.

  • Multiple punctuation marks in a sentence.

  • Multiple spaces in a sentence.

  • Spaces before punctuation marks.

  • No spaces before punctuation marks required for French (Switzerland).

  • Spaces around inline tags.

  • Spaces around double byte characters.

  • Trailing tabs or spaces at the beginning or end of a sentence.

  • Uneven number of opening and closing brackets.


  • Check non-translatable text in curly brackets.

  • Forbidden characters.

  • Identical source and target.

  • Repeated words.

  • Spelling errors.

  • Check grammar and style.

  • Translations below quality threshold – This QA check is in Beta. It is AI-driven and based on XTM proprietary NLP framework. This check is supported for all variants of these languages. NLP mechanism compares the translation made by a Linguist with an AI-driven translation. A QA warning is triggered for every Linguist-translated segment whose quality is below the quality threshold. The standard quality threshold is set to 40%. To customize the threshold value, request support:

    To request support

    Visit our Support Portal.

  • Inappropriate language – This QA check is in Beta. It is AI-driven and based on XTM proprietary NLP framework. This QA check is supported for all language variants of:

    • Chinese.

    • English.

    • French.

    • German.

    • Italian.

    • Portuguese.

    • Spanish.


  • Forbidden terms used.

  • Rejected terms used.

  • Translation of a term not found.

  • Translation of term does not exist in terminology.

Translation Memory:

  • Unedited fuzzy match.


  • Order of inline tags is changed or content is missing between inline tags in target segment.