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XTM Cloud 13.4

Allocating linguists to tasks

The top line of the workflow management is a general line for the entire project. Using this line it is possible to allocate a translator or reviewer to all the files or bundles in the project in one go. Use the circle-arrow-down-solid_blue.svg icon to replace all the names that have been already set. The lines below relate to the individual files or bundles in the project.

To allocate a linguist to a task:
  1. Select the name from the dropdown list on each task.


    Only Linguists with the correct language pair will be displayed.

  2. Select the edit user icon user-pen-solid.svg to open a window listing the details of the possible linguists. Then select the required name.

  3. Select a name from the top dropdown list to enter that name in all empty tasks, for all files, for that step.

  4. Select a name from the top dropdown list and select the replace all icon circle-arrow-down-solid_blue.svg to enter it in all tasks, for all files, for that step.

  5. Click Save button to confirm selections.


    When you have allocated linguists to the various tasks, before navigating away from the screen, you must click the Save button.

If the Require acceptance of task/project parameter has been enabled by your XTM Cloud Administrator (for details, see Linguist workflow options) and selected for the relevant project, you will be able to see following icons representing a different acceptance status of the relevant assignees:


decision of the linguist or the LSP is still pending


linguist or LSP accepted the task or the project


linguist or LSP declined the task or the project, you need to select a new assignee for this workflow step

XTM Cloud will also send an email to Project Manager on the project as soon as one of the linguists or LSPs assigned to the workflow accepts or declines the task or the project.


Any steps that are accepted in a concurrent workflow can be started even if the remaining concurrent steps are pending acceptance.