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XTM Cloud 13.4

Merging bundles of segments in a file

You can split files into bundles, edit the bundles, and merge them, even after:

  • the file workflow has been started.

  • the Linguist has started working on the relevant file/bundle.


If you want to assign an LSP to a file workflow step, you cannot split the file into bundles in the relevant step. All segments in the file, in the relevant workflow step, must be assigned to the relevant LSP.

Example 37. Limitation to splitting files into bundles

If the file consists of 100 segments, you cannot assign 50 segments, in the Translate step, to your internal Linguist and 50 to an LSP. All 100 segments in this workflow step must go to the relevant LSP.

However, the LSP can then split the file into bundles in their XTM Cloud instance.

To merge bundles of segments in a file:
  1. For the relevant project, open the Project Editor > workflow_icon.svg Workflow tab screen.

  2. Select the relevant file. Below the relevant file name, select the first of these bundles which you want to merge together. In the text field on the right-hand side, enter the number of segments that you want to merge.

    Example 38. Merging bundles of segments

    Your file consists of 1–12 segments and you have initially divided it into 3 bundles (1–4, 5–8 and 9–12 segments). To merge them all back together, in the first bundle, change 4 to 12. To only merge bundles 2 and 3, in the second bundle, change 8 to 12.

  3. Click away from the box. XTM Cloud adjusts the number and size of the bundle(s) automatically.

  4. Select Save to let the system refresh the view.

  5. Assign Linguists to the new segment bundles.

  6. At the bottom of the page, select Save.