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XTM Cloud 13.4

Visibility of updated project custom fields to LSPs

By default, custom fields can be updated for all users of a single XTM Cloud account. If you want subcontractors involved in the project to see the values of custom fields updated from the Actions tab, contact XTM Support. Specify whether this should apply to all LSPs or just individual ones.

To request support

Visit our Support Portal.

Subcontractors will only see values of the custom fields that were updated, provided that both the custom field names, type and selection options exactly match those of the contractor that requested the changes. Other custom fields will look blank to subcontractors. When a custom field is updated by a contractor but it does not exist in the subcontractor’s XTM Cloud account, it will not be changed.

Subcontractors can modify values of updated custom fields. When it happens, the new values are changed only on the subcontractor’s side. If the contractor updates custom fields again, the custom fields modified by the subcontractor will be overwritten and updated again. If you do not want subcontractors to see the updated values of the custom fields, you can update custom fields for each project individually using the Project Editor.