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XTM Cloud 13.4

Populating time entries in the workflow with several multi-language files

Before you start: The manual time tracking must be enabled by your XTM Cloud Administrator (for details, see Time tracking).

If multiple languages have different workflows assigned, then the files for each language have the same workflow inherited from the language level. This means that:

  • it is possible to define the time entry from within the main workflow editor view, without selecting the workflow definition from the dropdown

  • It is possible to edit or populate time entries across languages only if you select the workflow definition from the dropdown first

To populate time entries:
  1. In the Workflow Editor, view all target languages, e.g. the Target language dropdown is set to All languages. The time entry boxes are active, and you can enter any value manually, but the arrow icons are disabled. This means that bulk population of the time is not possible.

  2. To activate the option, in the Workflow dropdown, choose the workflow you wish to assign time to in the Workflow dropdown.

  3. The arrows turn blue and any time is entered into the boxes can be populated into the same steps for different languages.

  4. If groups or files in a given language pair have different workflows assigned, a warning pops up that it is impossible to make any modifications due to different settings.