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XTM Cloud 13.4

Adobe InDesign server

Adobe InDesign IDML files can be processed in XTM Cloud out of the box.

However, you need an additional Adobe InDesign server to:

  • process Adobe InDesign INDD or INDB files.

  • enable Visual mode in XTM Workbench for all Adobe InDesign file extensions (IDML, INDD, INDB).

  • generate a WYSIWYG PDF preview of the target file.

The Adobe InDesign server is not part of the standard XTM Cloud subscription. For pricing details:

Contact Sales

XTM Sales Team

The Adobe InDesign server is a dedicated stand-alone server on Windows. It can be hosted on:

  • an Adobe InDesign server hosted by XTM International (most common, paid, solution).

  • your own Adobe InDesign server.


Let XTM Support know if you use any plugins with your own Adobe InDesign server. Not all the actions offered by plugins are supported by XTM Cloud.

How the Adobe InDesign server works:

XTM Cloud uses the Adobe InDesign server to convert IDML and INDD files into XML files, which can then be translated in XTM Cloud. In XTM Workbench, XTM Cloud uses images and fonts that have been uploaded during project creation to create an interactive PDF and a real-time preview in Visual mode. When the target file is generated, the translated XML file is sent to the Adobe InDesign server, which then converts it back into an IDML or INDD file.

The Adobe InDesign target files are generated in the same version as the Adobe InDesign server, which is usually the most up-to-date version on the market.

Handling Adobe InDesign file version differences

A source file generated in last year's Adobe InDesign version will be converted into the current year’s version, provided that the Adobe InDesign server has been updated to this newest version. If backward compatibility is not provided, two files will be returned: an updated INDD file and an IDML file. If your company's version of Adobe InDesign does not support the most up-to-date versions, it will still be possible to open the IDML file.

If a source file has been generated in the latest Adobe InDesign version and the Adobe InDesign server is using last year's Adobe InDesign version, either use the older INDD version, or translate the IDML file instead of INDD.

For details about best practices, see preparing Adobe InDesign files for translation in XTM Cloud.