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XTM Cloud 13.4

Filter configuration

Filter templates can be used to specify different types of configuration for identifying translatable text in a document. Filter configurations can be created for:

  • Microsoft Excel files, including multilingual Excel files (xlsx, xls, xlm).

  • Microsoft Word files (docx, doc, rtf).

  • Microsoft PowerPoint files (pptx, ppt).

Depending on the file type, users can decide whether to localize:

  • Sheet names.

  • Comments.

  • Hyperlinks.

  • Text in hidden sheets.

  • Text in hidden cells and rows.

  • Formulas.

  • Conditional formatting.

  • Numbers.

  • Text in specified columns.

  • Text in a specified color (multiple colors can be selected).

  • Text with applied style (e.g. bold).

Filter configurations include additional options in the Other section, such as: 

  • HTML processing – HTML tags can be shown in XTM Workbench as inline tags if the HTML processing checkbox is selected.

  • Whitespace processing – By default, whitespaces are normalized, meaning that all redundant whitespaces are removed. Users have the option to retain whitespace if needed.

  • Including embedded XLSX/XLSM files

Template levels

The following configuration levels are available:


If multiple templates are created for the same file type at different configuration levels, the following order of priority will apply:

1. Project level.

2. Customer level.

3. Global level.