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XTM Cloud 13.4


It is possible to connect your XTM Cloud system to other XTM Cloud systems and allocate tasks in your workflow to another Language Service Provider (LSP) or receive tasks from other LSPs.


Your XTM Cloud Administrator must first enable subcontracting in your XTM Cloud instance, so that you can set up a connection with a subcontractor and send projects to them. For details, see Enabling subcontracting.

Contractor company sending a project. Check Contracting a project to an LSP in XTM Cloud.

Subcontractor company receiving a project. 

LSP (Language Service Provider) another name for a subcontractor - used interchangeably. LSPs: Setting up a connection with XTM Cloud contractor.

Once the connection has been set up, for details on how to manage subcontracted projects check Managing subcontracted projects in XTM Cloud.

subcontracting diagram

Subcontracting in XTM Cloud