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XTM Cloud 13.4

Delivery speed factors

There are seven delivery types shown below. For each of them, price and duration factors are specified.

  • Normal.

  • Make it cheaper - level 1.

  • Make it cheaper - level 2.

  • Make it cheaper - level 3.

  • Make it faster - level 1.

  • Make it faster - level 2.

  • Make it faster - level 3.

The default value for Normal is 1. This is the value taken when initially estimating a project.

Users can choose the delivery type when preparing an estimate for the project.

Users may change the delivery type and language combination factors for each job or for the whole project. The estimate is recalculated each time a language combination factor or delivery type is changed.

There is also a simplified implementation of these factors where the user has reduced set of options. First, there is a Need it sooner? button which increases the price (Make it faster - level II). If this is selected, then you have another button Need it cheaper?. Selecting this button will set it back to Normal.