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XTM Cloud 13.4

Project Editor - Groups

For projects with many files, it is often easier to manage them in groups rather than individually. XTM Cloud enables you to group the files.

You can access the Groups tab if your XTM Cloud Administrator has enabled Grouping section in Settings. You can group files automatically depending on the settings selected by the XTM Cloud Administrator in the Configuration > Settings > Projects > Grouping section.

The grouping tab is automatically displayed if the number of files exceeds a defined limit. This limit is set by an administrator in Configuration > Settings > Projects under the Project views section (see more under Settings — Project: Project views).

Additionally, if you have a single language project with many files, you can also manage the project at a language level rather than at a file level. The number of files in a project when this is visible is set in a similar way.

You can group files:

  • automatically using the Group automatically functionality to group files either by the number of files in one group, or by the number of groups.

  • manually.