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XTM Cloud 13.4

Segment filters tab

To access the Segment filters parameters, select Configuration > Settings > Translation > Segment filters

The Segment filters tab enables Administrators to determine which filters and filter profiles are available to your users. By default, all filters and profiles are enabled.

The available filters are:

  • Auto-inserted inline tags

  • Comments

  • Comments added by a specific user

  • Comments added in a specific date range

  • Comments added in the last X days

  • Comments containing specific text

  • Different source but same target texts

  • Unedited fuzzy matches in target

  • Invalid empty segments

  • Invalid inline tags

  • Invalid length of target text

  • 100% leveraged or ICE matches

  • All except repeated segments

  • Fuzzy matches and fuzzy repeats

  • Fuzzy matches and fuzzy repeats within a specific range

  • Penalized matches

  • Repeated segments: first occurrence and repetitions

  • Specific match types

  • Target segment modified within a specific range

  • Target segment modified in the last X days and steps

  • Any updates to target, status or comments

  • LQA errors

  • Segment range

  • Non-translatable text

  • Segment type from the status column

  • Translatable text

  • All previous steps with Completed status

  • Incomplete status

  • Specific statuses

  • Specific XLIFF:doc translation statuses

  • Containing specific text

  • Segment ID

  • Same source and target text or empty target text

  • Assigned to the current user

  • Modified by a specific user