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XTM Cloud 13.4

Estimate parameters and factors

Initially a base cost and duration is calculated for the translation project and then a number of factors and parameters are applied to adjust this cost to give an exact estimate value.

The parameters and factors that are used to calculate the cost and duration of the project are:

  • Base cost per page, word or character.

  • Base number of pages, words or characters per day.

  • Minimum word or character count for an estimate.

  • Minimum project charge.

  • Currency.

  • Calculation method.

  • Work schedule.

  • Project management fee.

  • Project discount days or price factors.

  • Duration rounding point.

  • Paying VAT.

  • Copies.

  • Speed of delivery.

  • Metrics.

  • Language combination.

  • Workflow - Price and duration factors for additional steps in the workflow.

  • Actual price or factors for document authentication.

The estimate factors are given a default value when XTM Cloud is set up, but are configurable at a customer level (Customer tab > Customer list > menu icon for selected customer).

Language combination factors can also be set by the Administrator on a system wide level.

If the factors are not set for a customer, XTM Cloud will use the system default values. Each factor has a value which will affect the estimate:

  • the default value is 1 and this will not affect the estimate value.

  • values great than 1 mean that estimate value will be increased.

  • values less than 1 mean that the estimate value will be decreased.