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XTM Cloud 13.4

Project Editor: Workflow

To access Project Editor Workflow tab:
  1. Select Projects tab and click the context menu icon bars-solid.png next to the relevant project.

  2. Select workflow_icon.svg Manage workflow.

  3. If there are more target languages in the project, an additional target language dropdown list will be displayed. Use it to restrict the display to the relevant target language workflow.

The relevant project will be opened in the Project Editor on the Workflow tab.

In the Workflow tab screen, Project Managers can carry out many functions relating to the workflow:

  • Open XTM Workbench in read or write mode to view the task.

  • Check Metrics.

  • Split a file into bundles.

  • View the details of linguists and jobs.

  • Allocate linguists to the various tasks.

  • Move jobs forwards and backwards in the workflow.

  • Roll the job backward.

  • Upload XLIFF files.

  • Download source files.

  • Run a variety of reports about the project:

    • File history report

    • LQA report – this report evaluates all files in the relevant target language. The calculations in this report type are based on the project Metrics. This report lists all errors that occurred in all target languages and all project files, in all workflow steps in which the Project Manager has selected one of the following options for the LQA parameter, in the Workflow editor:

      • Yes, save result in user record.

      • Yes, don’t save result in user record.

      The evaluated and the LQA step need to be finished in XTM Workbench and all relevant segments must be set to Completed green-tick.svg for the report to be generated. Additionally, linguists must stay assigned to both steps even after the LQA step has been finished.

      This report displays the following information for all files, in the relevant target languages:

      • Severity multipliers.

      • Word count.

      • Issue types.

      • Weight of the LQA errors.

      • Issue counts.

      • Penalty.

      • Target subscore.

      • Total score.

To display and manage the workflow for the selected target language, select the relevant language button. Alternatively, select the required language(s) from the Target language dropdown menu.

By filtering languages, you can easily batch update due dates for languages with the same workflow.

To find individual files, select the relevant target language. Then, use the Group dropdown to select the relevant file format group. As a result, all files in the selected target language and relevant file format group will be displayed.