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XTM Cloud 13.4

Generating Aggregated PO

Project Managers can generate a single PO file including costs from all projects for a specific linguist based on user statistics. A set of PO reports is generated for each linguist with the cost for the work done in each project for a given time range.


This feature is hidden by default. To enable it:

To request support

Visit our Support Portal.

To generate Aggregated PO in XTM Cloud:
  1. Select the Projects > POs tab.

  2. Select the Generate Aggregated PO button.

Aggregated PO generation consists of generating costs based on statistics (default: statistics target) for all linguists who have performed any translation since the last Aggregated PO generation.

Earlier date limit of Aggregated PO If no Aggregated PO has been generated before, the earlier date limit is the creation of the first record in the statistics_segment of the database table.

Maximum date range The maximum date range for the first generation is 180 days


It is not possible to change the time range for Aggregated PO from the UI. Aggregated PO automatically include statistics generated as of the last Aggregated PO generation until the beginning of the current generation. XTM Support can change this range if required.

Aggregated PO generation process The generation process consists of the following steps:

  1. Initial validation: verifies the most common rate card errors (missing rate cards for a given language/step, multiple rate cards, etc.).

  2. Project filtering: only projects which are not deleted and contain statistics for a given time period are included.

  3. Calculating costs: for all valid projects included.

PO documents are created for all users who were included in the newly generated costs.

Aggregated PO generation results The result of the generation is a .zip file with PO reports in PDF/XLSX format. One PO for each linguist is created as a separate file. The file contains a list of projects and costs generated for a given linguist based on statistics from the listed projects.


There is no information about costs equal to zero for a given project in the Aggregated PO generation results. If for some reason the statistics generated zero costs, the project will not be listed in the file for that linguist at all.

If the sum of costs from all projects from a given Aggregated PO is zero, the file for this linguist will not be generated. XTM Support can provide detailed information if needed.

Aggregated PO vs. User Statistics Aggregated PO and User Statistics are two different functionalities and present different datasets.

Aggregated PO includes the date when the linguist performed an action on a given segment (translated, changed the status). The date when the task was completed is irrelevant. In User Statistics the date of completion determines how the statistics are generated.

Example 27. Example:

A linguist modifies some segments in March but modifies other segments and completes the task in April.

In Aggregated PO the segments modified in March are displayed on the Aggregated PO generated in March, and the segments modified in April are displayed on the Aggregated PO generated in April. In the User statistics, the statistics for this task are only displayed in the report generated in April because the task was finished only in April.