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XTM Cloud 13.4

Segment status in XTM Workbench

You can set XTM Cloud to change the segment status automatically by pressing the Enter button. In this case, status validation with the Enter button takes you to the next unvalidated segment. Alternatively, you can manually set the status.


Any content entered into the target segment (by a Linguist or auto-populated from the translation memory or machine translation*) is automatically saved in the TM, even if it has not been confirmed.

This means your translation will immediately be available to other linguists as a TM match.

The segment status does NOT influence the content saved in the TM and in the generated target file.

* Content inserted by an MT engine into segments during the file analysis is NOT saved in the translation memory automatically. To save these segments in the TM, you need to change the segment status or segment target, in XTM Workbench. Alternatively, use an automatic step which changes the status automatically. However, if the automatic step was supposed to change status to Completed, but the relevant segment is already Completed, the segment status will NOT be changed and so the segment will NOT be saved in the TM.

If the status change is not set to automatic, then to change the status you can:
  • use the keyboard shortcuts configured in XTM Workbench in Settings > Shortcuts > Translation/Target menu.

  • select the segment status icon in the Status column. Then, select the relevant status from the Change status to: context menu.

Changing the statuses of all segments

You can change the status of segments in one batch. To do so:

  • In the Change segment status popup:

    1. Choose the segments for which you wish to change their status: the XTM status or the XLIFF:doc status.

    2. Choose the status to change (From). More than one status can be selected.

    3. Choose the status it should be changed to (To).

    4. Select OK.

Result: The relevant status changes have been made.

Table 89. Segment statuses in XTM Workbench




Draft. Use this status to enter a translation in a segment and move on to the next segment, without validating it. The segment will either be saved or updated in the TM.




Non-translatable. Non-translatable segments are marked with the letter “N” and displayed in the place of a populated match value. You can assign the Non-translatable status manually if the target segment is identical to the source segment.

The segment status can be changed to translatable at the stage of correction.


To be corrected. This status can only be applied by correctors and reviewers.


Incomplete in this and previous steps. This status informs an XTM Workbench user that a segment has not been set to Completed in the previous step.

Table 90. Segment status icons




QA warning in the segment.


Indicates one of the XLIFF:doc statuses: -1: Rejected, 1: New, 2: Translated, 3:Proofed, 4: Validated.


Locked segment.


Locked segment which can be unlocked by the user.


Language variant match populated.


Comment has been added to the segment manually by an XTM Workbench user, or has been imported automatically from the source file.


Comment has been added to the segment automatically, because corrector's tracked changes are available for this segment (auto-tracked changes).


User comments and corrector's tracked changes in the segment.


Repeated segment (first or subsequent occurrences).


This icon is displayed if you have enabled the Auto-insert inline tags into target segment setting in Settings > General. It stands for Accept Auto-inline tags.


This icon is displayed if you have enabled the Auto-insert inline tags into target segment setting in Settings > General. It stands for Reject Auto-inline tags.


Segment won’t be saved in the TM.

The labels in the Status column indicate whether the relevant segment:

  • is non-translatable (N).

  • has not been matched ([empty]).

  • has been matched. If the segment:

    • has any match in the Matches list, but the segment target is not identical to any target match (M).

    • has repetition 100% match and this match is the highest in the segment Matches list (R). Even, if the target for that repetition has not been filled yet.

    • has any match in the Matches list and the target segment is identical to any target match, the label indicates the score of the relevant match (ICE, 100%, R, MT, 75%99%).

      • If multiple matches are identical to the segment target, XTM Cloud displays the highest score.

      • The percentage score for each TM fuzzy match or fuzzy repetition is displayed.

Table 91. Labels in the Status column






Matched, unpopulated.


In-context exact match.


100% leveraged match.


Repetition 100%.


Machine translation matched.


TM Fuzzy match or Fuzzy repetition.



XLIFF:doc status of segments

If TIPP has been enabled by your XTM Cloud Administrator (see General system settings), the XLIFF:doc segment status is displayed in XTM Workbench to the right of the standard XTM status.

Changing the XLIFF:doc status of a segment
  1. Select the number icon in the Status column.

  2. From the popup, select the required status:

    • -1: Rejected.

    • 1: New.

    • 2: Translated.

    • 3: Proofed.

    • 4: Validated.