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XTM Cloud 13.4

User groups

XTM Cloud enables you to create the following types of user groups:

  1. First-come first-served.

  2. Allocation order.

  3. Chat.

First-come first-served group

This group can be assigned to the tasks in the workflow.

  1. For first-come first-served groups all group members will receive an email advising them that a new task is available.

  2. A user can then accept the task which will be recorded by XTM Cloud.

Other group members will be informed that the task is no longer available.

Allocation order groups

This group can be assigned to the tasks in the workflow.

  1. An email is initially sent to the first member of the group.

  2. The linguist can accept or reject the task.

If it is rejected the next person in the group will receive the email and so on until a linguist accepts the task.

User group becoming inactive

User group assigned to a task becomes inactive, if, after the assignment, Project Manager has made a modification to the relevant user group which resulted in the group losing access rights to this task. These modifications can be:

  • cancellation of access rights to the relevant workflow step.

  • cancellation of access rights to projects of the relevant customer.

In such case, the "inactive" suffix will be added to the user group name in the workflow view of the relevant project in Project Editor > workflow_icon.svg Workflow tab.

When a group becomes inactive, Project Manager needs to reassign the task.

Project Manager needs to reassign the task even, if the access right that caused the group deactivation has been granted again. That is because the inactive instance of the user group will remain assigned to the relevant task. If they want the same group to be reassigned to the task, Project Manager needs to select active instance of the relevant user group.

Chat user group


You cannot assign a Chat user group to tasks in the workflow.

Adding Chat user group

You can add Chat user group to any chat opened using the XTM Chat comment-alt-solid.png.

  • Select Choose chat participants… option regardless of stakeholders assigned to the project.

Adding a new user group
  1. Select the Users tab > Users groups > Add user group.

  2. Select the Allocation order user group type.

  3. Select Workflow steps.

  4. Select the Active checkbox.

  5. Select Save.

  6. Define the language combinations for the user group. It will then be possible to assign the user group to tasks in the workflow on the workflow tab of the project editor for projects with this language combination.