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XTM Cloud 13.4

Updating edited repeated segments

Repeated segments can be managed from several places in XTM Workbench depending on whether actions performed on them are one-off segment-specific actions or global actions.

XTM always checks if the segment you are working on is repeated in your file. If yes, it automatically places the same translation in all identical segments. If translations in any repeated segments are edited, you can configure the way repeated segments are updated by choosing one of the following options:

Table 94. Updating segments

Do not update segments

does not overwrite translations in repeated segments

Update segments above

overwrites translations in repeated segments only above the edited segment

Update segments below

overwrites translations in repeated segments only below the edited segment

Update all segments

overwrites translations in all repeated segments

Update filtered segments

overwrites translations only in filtered repeated segments. If no filter is active, all repeated segments will be updated.

You can update filtered segments in two ways:

  1. on the system level by applying settings to all filtered segments under the General tab

  2. on the segment by segment basis from the context menu.