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XTM Cloud 13.4

Adding users


An Administrator can add and edit users with all roles including additional Administrators.

A Project Manager can add and edit users with all roles except Administrators.

  1. Select Users tab > User list.

  2. At the top right corner of the screen, select the Add user button.

  3. Enter User's General info. Obligatory information is marked with a red asterisk asterisk-solid.png.

    1. The role field allows you to determine the type of user. Select the roles that you want this user to perform.


      If you select Linguist as a role, you can then in the box below select in which workflow steps the linguist can participate. When you select save you will be taken to other tabs to complete.

  4. Optionally: For the new user with the Linguist role, you can select the Dummy user for cost generation checkbox.

  5. Select Save.

  6. In the Enter your credentials popup, enter your XTM Cloud login password to confirm the new user's details or the verification code (if the 2-step Verification has been enabled on your instance) and select Save.


    This step will not be required if the Verify user creation and password/email change parameter has been disabled in your XTM Cloud instance.

Result: User has been created. You can start adding other information relevant to the User's role.

Adding User access rights
  1. Select Users > User list.

  2. In the Users list tab screen, find the relevant user.

  3. Select the context menu icon bars-solid.png on the left-hand side of the username.

  4. In the list, select the unlock_solid_brand_refreshed.svg Access rights.

  5. In the unlock_solid_brand_refreshed.svg Access rights tab screen, decide which settings to enable:

    1. Customers: If you do not specify a customer, then the user will be available to work on projects for all customers. When a user has access to all customers, they will also get access to newly created customers. When some customers have been selected from the list, the user will have access only to the selection. In such case, the user will not see projects for any newly created customers.

    2. Projects: Only show this user's projects restrict the user from seeing projects created by other people.

    3. Editor: Choose whether the user can lock and unlock segments, only unlock them, or has no locking rights. Decide if the user can display metrics in the XTM Workbench.

    4. LQA: When you give a user, access rights to show LQA results for an evaluee or evaluator , an additional LQA section is visible on their Tasks tab. Depending on their rights, the tab displays projects in which the user was involved as an evaluee, as an evaluator, or both sections. Select required option:

      1. Allow access to project's LQA results.

      2. Allow access to LSP LQA results.

    5. Terminology:

      1. Customers: Choose Selected customers to restrict access.

      2. Terminology access rights: determine if the users can modify, import, export, view and add terms.

    6. Translation Memory:

      1. Customers: Choose Selected customers to restrict access.

      2. TM access rights: determine if the users can modify, import, export, view and add TM entries

    7. Concordance Access to TM metadata and Concordance: You can set XTM to use the system’s global settings for the user or you can define the user’s rights separately. The options are:

      1. Use global settings.

      2. Full access.

      3. Access with customer details.

      4. Access without customer or project details.

      5. No access.

  6. At the bottom of the screen, select Save.