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XTM Cloud 13.4


Provided by Capita TI. You can find more details on this website:

For configuration:

To request support

Visit our Support Portal.

To make the SmartMATE MT selected by default on every new project, select the Default setting checkbox.

To use the XTM NLP framework for the automatic placement of inline tags in the machine translation, select the relevant value for the Use auto inline tag placement parameter:

  • Never (default).

    If you select this setting, the inline tags are NOT processed by the auto-insert mechanism. XTM Cloud retains the structure of the inline tags inside matches as received from the MT.

  • Only incorrect inline tags.

    If you select this setting, the inline tags are sent to an MT engine and the auto-insert mechanism only works for MT matches that have an incorrect inline tag structure, for example:

    • too many inline tags in a match.

    • missing or too few inline tags in a match.

  • Always.

    If you select this setting, after receiving the translation from MT system, the auto-insert mechanism works for all matches received from MT.

To configure the use of SmartMATE MT on your XTM Cloud account, select the relevant settings in the General options section.