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XTM Cloud 13.4


To request support

Visit our Support Portal.

To configure the use of Intento MT on your XTM Cloud account, select the relevant settings in the General options section.

To connect XTM Cloud account to your Intento Machine Translation engine:
  1. Select Configuration > Settings > Translation.

  2. Select the Machine translation tab.

  3. In the MT engines section, select the Intento checkbox.

    Result: The Add Intento MT popup is displayed.

  4. In the Add Intento MT popup, fill the mandatory fields:

    • Username – Your username in the Intento Machine Translation engine.

    • Password – Your Intento MT API key.


    Other mandatory configuration parameters will automatically be filled with correct values.

    We advise not to change the predefined values. However, if you feel confident about changing them, for more information on the other configuration parameters see Connecting a Custom Machine Translation engine.

  5. Select Add.

  6. At the bottom of the page, select Save.

Result: Intento MT engine is displayed in the Configuration > Settings > Translation > Machine Translation section.

Project Managers can enable or disable Intento MT at customer level. They can also add Intento MT to a new project while creating it, or to an existing one in the Project Editor. Additionally, they can enable or disable Intento MT for the relevant project template(s).