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XTM Cloud 13.4

Customizing emails
Company or application name

It is possible to replace the application name displayed in email notifications (by default this is “XTM”) with the name of your company or your application, in Configuration > Settings > System > Application name.

Specification of XTM Cloud email notifications
Email notifications are constructed in HTML and contain two kinds of variables
  1. Localization variables in uppercase: these are populated with text in the same language as the user interface. The remaining text of the emails can be changed directly in the template, but the message is then not localized when users change their language preferences. In order to have a localized version of the customized text, you need to prepare additional localization files for each language.

  2. Data variables in lowercase: these variables contain data such as projects names, file names, the list of files.

Customization of XTM Cloud emails performed by XTM Support


Customization of XTM Cloud emails is a paid action, so make sure to discuss your options with your account manager first.

The XTM Support team can customize XTM Cloud emails by updating email template files (HTML files with variables). This request needs to be submitted to the Support team:

  • provide XTM Cloud email notification templates.

  • upload your customized email notification templates to the server.

To request support

Visit our Support Portal.