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XTM Cloud 13.4

Multi-project LQA report

This report evaluates the work of the relevant Linguist(s) and/or LSP(s) in the selected projects. The calculations in this report type are based on project Statistics. This report only lists errors made by the relevant Linguist(s) and/or LSP(s) in the segments they have changed manually.

Business use case

This report enables you to have an overview of your vendor quality based on LQA results across multiple projects.

Additional tip: You can also obtain LQA reports for multiple projects via REST API.

Running the Multi-project LQA report.

In this report, all projects are displayed in one table. In it, each table row displays the data for one evaluee working in one workflow step, on one target file, in one target language, in one project.

In the Multi-project LQA report, you see the following LQA-related information about the selected projects:

  • Project name.

  • Source language.

  • Target language.

  • Workflow step.

  • File name.

  • Score.

  • Words.

  • Evaluee.

  • Evaluator.

  • Test completed (date and time).