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XTM Cloud 13.4

Configuring filter templates at Global level


It is not possible to add a custom template at Global level.

You can only edit an existing global template by adding one of the available configurations:

  • Filter.

  • Custom Variables.

  • Font mapping.

  • Segmentation.

To configure filter templates at the Global level
  1. Select Configuration > Filter templates > Global level.

  2. Select Layers_FFB_Add_Configuration.png Add configuration and then Filter.


    The Add configuration to template popup is displayed.

  3. In the Add configuration to template popup:

    1. Select one of the following options from the File type dropdown:

      • MS Excel.

      • MS Excel (Multilingual).

      • MS Word.

      • MS PowerPoint (97-2003).

      • MS PowerPoint.

    2. Select the configuration applicable for the selected file type.

  4. Select:

    • Save and add configuration to add different filters or other configurations to your newly created filter.

    • Save to save your file filter template.


The Successfully added configuration message is displayed in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

You see your filters and configurations under the relevant Global level configuration name in the filter templates table.