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XTM Cloud 13.4


The DeepL machine translation engine details are available on this website:

Clients using the DeepL MT engine need a license for either DeepL Advanced or DeepL Ultimate. For details, see

The list of languages currently supported by the DeepL MT is available on this website:

If required, learn how to connect XTM Cloud to your DeepL Translator engine.

To configure the use of DeepL MT in your XTM Cloud account, select the relevant settings in the General options section.

XTM Cloud users can implement the following optional DeepL parameters:

Important information about the DeepL glossaries

Glossaries created via the DeepL CAT tool API can be synchronized and used in XTM Cloud, unlike glossaries created via DeepL website or DeepL desktop apps.

It is not possible to create glossaries directly from within XTM Cloud.

To enable DeepL glossaries in XTM Cloud:
  1. Select Configuration > Settings > Translation > Machine Translation > DeepL Translator.

  2. Enter a value in the Authentication key field.

  3. Select Synchronize.


The green Synchronization successful label and the new Glossaries parameter are displayed.


When a synchronization error occurs, the following error message is displayed: Cannot synchronize data with DeepL Translator. Check all connection details. Make sure that you use a correct Authentication key and that your DeepL glossaries and subscription are valid and configured properly.

To see a list of the synchronized DeepL glossaries:
  1. Select Configuration > Settings > Translation > Machine Translation > DeepL Translator.

  2. Select View next to the Glossaries parameter.


    The View button is only displayed if at least one DeepL glossary has been synchronized. For details, see the Important information about the DeepL glossaries.


The DeepL glossaries popup is displayed, showing the glossary information:

  • Name.

  • Source language.

  • Target language.