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XTM Cloud 13.4

QA warnings in XTM Workbench


Quality assurance parameters are configured in the QA profile by XTM Cloud Administrator at system level and by Project Manager at customer, project and template level.

When a QA issue is detected, it is highlighted. A description of the problem pops up when you place a cursor over the highlighted area.

Any spelling issues detected during the check are displayed by highlighting the word in yellow. If you select the misspelled word, XTM displays several suggested spellings for it.

You then have the option to select one of the suggested words, add the word to the custom default dictionary, and ignore the word in this segment or in the whole project.

Spelling error in WB

Yellow: Spelling QA warning in XTM Workbench

Punctuation error

Orange: Punctuation QA warning in XTM Workbench

Potential grammar errors

Pink: Grammar QA warning in XTM Workbench

What does a color highlight of a QA warning mean?
  • yellow: signifies a spelling issue

  • orange: signifies any other QA issue based on the QA profile

  • pink: potential grammar issue

Removing multiple spelling warnings referring to the same spelling error
  1. In the QA docked panel, select multiple checkboxes.

  2. Select the plus-solid.svg in the top right corner of the QA panel.

  3. Select on the Add selected spelling errors to the dictionary.