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XTM Cloud 13.4

Creating workflow definitions

To access the existing Workflow definitions, select Configuration > Settings > Workflow > Workflow definitions.

To create a new workflow definition:
  1. Select Configuration > Settings > Workflow.

  2. In the Workflow definitions tab click the Add button.

  3. In the Create workflow definition popup:

    1. Set the mandatory Name parameter for your new workflow definition.


      By default, XTM Cloud automatically generates a name for the workflow based on the steps you choose.

    2. Optionally, in the Description parameter, provide workflow description.

    3. Define the first workflow step options:

      • Percentage of whole workflow duration - how much of the entire project workflow time in percent should be automatically calculated for each of the steps

      • Approve TM

      • Calculate costs based on manual time

      • Chargeable

      • LQA

      • Notify project watchers when finished

      • Calculate edit distance

      • Set XTM status to green/done

      • Auto-finish step on its due date

      • All segments must be completed to finish the task – If you select this option, Linguists will not be able to finish a task until all segments are completed neither using the Finish button, in XTM Workbench nor using a keyboard shortcut.


        If ICE and/or leveraged matches in the relevant project have been populated with target, but not set to Completed, they can be locked manually or by the Mark segments as locked when option. In this case Linguists will not be able to finish task until these segments are unlocked and set to Completed.

  4. From the dropdown, select the step type.


    You can define your own workflow steps. Check Workflow steps and Workflow steps parameters for more information.

  5. From the dropdown, select the transition type and set it for steps in between (Blocking mechanism between workflow steps).

  6. Click Save.