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XTM Cloud 13.4


Select this menu option to:

  • Open corrector changes – view a report listing the changes made by a Corrector.

  • Download corrector changes – download a report listing Corrector changes, in an MS Excel file.

  • Download all comments – download a report containing all the comments in the file.

  • view File history.

  • view LQA report – This report evaluates a specific project file. The calculations in this report type are based on the project Metrics. This report lists all errors that occurred in the relevant file, in all workflow steps in which the Project Manager has selected one of the following options for the LQA parameter, in the Workflow editor:

    • Yes, save result in user record.

    • Yes, don’t save result in user record.

    This report displays the following information for the relevant file and all target languages:

    • Severity multipliers.

    • Word count.

    • Issue types.

    • Weight of the LQA errors.

    • Issue counts.

    • Penalty.

    • Target subscore.

    • Total score.