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XTM Cloud 13.4

Customer Editor – Estimate factors

In the Customer Editor > coins_solid_brand_refreshed.svg Estimate factors tab screen you can set the factors that are used to automatically calculate the cost and duration estimates for the customer.

To access the Customer Editor > coins_solid_brand_refreshed.svg Estimate factors tab:
  1. Select the Customers tab.

  2. In the the Customers tab screen, select the context menu icon bars-solid.png next to the relevant customer's name.

  3. From the context menu, select coins_solid_brand_refreshed.svg Estimate factors.

The factors are:
  • Base cost per page.

  • Base cost per word.

  • Base cost per character.

  • Base pages per day.

  • Base words per day.

  • Base characters per day.

  • Minimum word count.

  • Minimum character count.

  • Minimum charge.

  • Minimum charge on discount.

  • Calculate estimates per page.

  • Currency.

  • Calculation method.

  • Work schedule.

  • Rounding point.

  • Paying VAT.

  • Project management fee.

  • Project discount days factor.

  • Project discount price factor.

  • Factors for the number of copies.

  • Speed factors – Premiums. There are three levels which become progressively faster and more expensive.

  • Metrics factors for all the different types of matching.

  • Price and duration factors for additional steps in the workflow.

  • Actual price or factors for document authentication.

For more information about the estimate factors, see Project Editor - Estimates.