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XTM Cloud 13.4

Planned tasks tab

In the top left corner of the Planned tasks tab screen, you see a text field and the Search button. Use them to filter tasks, to find the relevant ones. You can search by a complete or partial project or file name, source or target language, role or step name.

Linguists can open XTM Workbench, in read-only mode, directly from the Tasks tab by clicking on the relevant task. Alternatively, they can select the context menu icon bars-solid.png and the pen-to-square-light.svg Open XTM Workbench menu option.

Your planned tasks are displayed in a table with the following columns:

  • Project – sortable.

  • File WWC – sortable. This column is displayed if it has been enabled by your XTM Cloud Administrator. It displays the Weighted Word Count for the relevant task.

  • Customer – sortable.

  • File – sortable.

  • Metadata – sortable. This column is displayed if this setting has been enabled by XTM Support.

  • Source – sortable.

  • Target – sortable.

  • Date due – sortable.

  • Step – sortable.

  • Step type – sortable.

  • Role – sortable.

  • Time – This column will be displayed if your XTM Cloud Administrator has enabled manual time tracking for Linguists and if the Project Manager has enabled manual time tracking for that task in the relevant project workflow. If entering a time estimate is mandatory, you will see the warning icon orange-warning-circle-exclamation.png next to the time input field. In this case, for the project to be started, enter the amount of time you expect the relevant task to take you. Once you enter the value, the text field will be hidden and the task will be activated according to the relevant workflow.

  • Segments

In the bottom left corner of the table, you see how many entries it contains. You can set the number of entries that are displayed on one page to:

  • 20.

  • 50.

  • 100.

  • 200.

In the bottom right corner of the table, you see the number of pages. You can navigate between pages by selecting the page number, or using one of the buttons:

  • First.

  • Previous.

  • Next.

  • Last.

From the context menu icon bars-solid.png next to each task, you can select one of the following options:

Table 98. Planned tasks context menu options

Context menu option


pen-to-square-light.svg Open XTM Workbench

This menu option enables you to open the relevant task in XTM Workbench in read-only mode.

book-solid.svg Open Terminology

This menu option is displayed if you have a Terminologist role in addition to your Linguist role. Use it to access and manage, export or import the terminology for the relevant customer.

chart-pie-solid.svg Show metrics

Use this menu option to open the Metrics popup in which you can check and download relevant file metrics.

comment-xmark-solid.svgcomments_brand_refreshed.svg Open corrector changes

This menu option opens the Corrector changes popup, which enables you to check corrector changes, if available.

clock-light.svg Enter time taken

This menu option is displayed if your Project Manager enabled calculating costs based on manual time tracking for the relevant workflow step and the entering of a time estimate is mandatory. If you select this option, the Enter time taken popup is displayed. In it, you can enter your time estimate manually.

circle-check-sharp-light.svg Accept tasks

This menu option is displayed if the Require acceptance of task/project parameter has been enabled on the project. You can select one of these acceptance options:

  • Accept this task

  • Accept this task for all steps of this language

  • Accept all tasks for this step of this language assigned to me

  • Accept all tasks for this language assigned to me

  • Accept all tasks for this step assigned to me

  • Accept all tasks in this project assigned to me

Ban_Not_approved_TM.png Decline task

Use this menu option to decline an assigned task. When you select this option, your Project Manager is notified about it by email.

If the relevant task has been assigned to the user group, it will become available to other user group members.

comments-solid.svg Create chat

Use this menu option to start a chat with relevant users. Learn more about XTM Query Management. The available options depend on the project and can include:

  • Open chat with PM

  • Open chat for PM and specific linguists

  • Open chat for linguists