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XTM Cloud 13.4

Manual files grouping


File grouping is only possible, if it has been enabled by your XTM Cloud Administrator. For details, see the Project : Grouping topic.

To manually group files:
  1. Select Projects tab and select the project where you want to group files manually.

  2. In the Project Editor, select users_solid_brand_refreshed.svg Groups tab.

  3. In the users_solid_brand_refreshed.svg Groups tab screen, determine whether:

    • to apply files grouping for a selected language, from a dropdown list, select that specific language.

    • to apply files grouping for all languages, from a dropdown list, select All languages.

  4. Check if a file group you need exists. If not, see Creating a new group section for the information on how to create a new group.

  5. In the Ungrouped files grouping find a file you want to place in a file grouping of your choice.

  6. Select the file and move it to the group you need using the chevron right icon chevron-circle-right-solid.svg.

  7. Select Save.