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XTM Cloud 13.4

Project cost, metrics per step report

Use this report to see cost and metric details per workflow step in the selected project(s).

Business use case

This report is particularly useful whenever you want to analyze cost and scope trends based on the type of task performed by your vendor (workflow steps). For example, you could analyze DTP costs over time or understand how your post-editing costs have changed across projects.

Running the Project cost, metrics per step report.


This report is based on the project costs. If you have not generated them before, XTM Cloud will try to do so while running this report. If cost generation is NOT successful (the red error icon exclamation-circle-solid.png), the relevant project will not be displayed in the report. If costs have been generated with warnings (the yellow warning icon orange-warning-circle-exclamation.png ), by default these projects are excluded from the report. To change it, select the Include costs with warnings in Cost and metrics reports checkbox when running the relevant report.

In this report, all projects are displayed in one table. In it, each table row displays the data for one workflow step, in one target language, in one project.

In the Project cost, metrics per step report, you see the following information about the selected projects:

  • Project ID.

  • Project name.

  • Customer.

  • [Custom field names] - Custom fields can be created by your XTM Cloud Administrator (see Project custom fields).

  • Subject matter.

  • Creation date.

  • Due date.

  • Workflow completion date.

  • Step cost.

  • Total project cost.

  • Project status.

  • Source language.

  • New source. – If the the relevant project(s) have the pre-processing step.

  • Target language.

  • Step Name.

  • Chargeable.

  • Total word count.

  • ICE match.

  • Leveraged match.

  • 95-99% fuzzy match.

  • 85-94% fuzzy match.

  • 75-84% fuzzy match.

  • Repetitions.

  • 95-99% fuzzy rep. match.

  • 85-94% fuzzy rep. match.

  • 75-84% fuzzy rep. match.

  • Machine translation.

  • No matching.

  • Non-translatable.

  • Time.

  • Finish date.

  • Project cost warnings – This column is only displayed if you have selected the Include costs with warnings in Cost and metrics reports checkbox. It indicates whether costs have been generated correctly or with warnings. The values are:

    • Yes – If the cost has been generated with warnings. Costs generated with warnings are marked with the exclamation mark icon orange-warning-circle-exclamation.png in Project Editor > Estimates > Costs.

    • No – If the cost has been generated correctly.