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XTM Cloud 13.4

Statistics tab


The Tasks > Statistics tab will be displayed if your XTM Cloud Administrator enabled the Show statistics of finished tasks to linguists parameter in Configuration > Settings > Translation > Workflow and access.

If your XTM Cloud Administrator decided to Enable processing statistics of finished tasks only Upon project finish (in Configuration > Settings > Projects > Statistics processing), your closed tasks will only be displayed in the Statistics tab after the relevant project has been finished.

In the top left corner of the Statistics tab screen, you see the Date finished parameter. Use the date pickers to filter tasks and find the ones from the relevant period.

In the top right corner of the Statistics tab screen, you see the Total words processed parameter.

The statistics for tasks that have been assigned to you are displayed in a table with the following sortable columns:

  • Project name.

  • Filename.

  • Source language.

  • Target language.

  • Workflow step.

  • Date completed.

  • Words processed.

  • ICE.

  • Leveraged match.

  • Fuzzy + Fuzzy repeats (75-99%).

  • MT.

  • Task status.

In the bottom left corner of the table, you see how many entries it contains. You can set the number of entries that are displayed on one page to:

  • 20.

  • 50.

  • 100.

  • 200.

In the bottom right corner of the table, you see the number of pages. You can navigate between pages by selecting the page number, or using one of the buttons:

  • First.

  • Previous.

  • Next.

  • Last.