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XTM Cloud 13.4

Setting up a connection with XTM Cloud contractor


Your XTM Cloud Administrator must first enable subcontracting in your XTM Cloud instance, so that you can set up a connection with a subcontractor and send projects to them. For details, see Enabling subcontracting.

The contractor sends an email with the login information required to set up a connection.

  1. Select Users > LSPs.

  2. Select the Add LSP button.

  3. In the General information section, enter the contractor’s:

    1. Company name.

    2. First name and Last name of the contact person.

    3. Email address of the contact person.

  4. Select Add.

  5. In the Connection information from the LSP section, enter the mandatory details that you have you have received in the email:

    • LSP's XTM server address

    • Company login name

    • LSP ID

    • Password


    Make sure there are no whitespaces!

  6. At the bottom of the page, select Save.

A successful connection is set up and a confirmation message is sent by email to the contractor. 

Checking if the connection with an LSP is active
  1. Select Users > LSPs:

  2. In the LSPs list, check the Connection column. If you see:

    • the red dot: the connection information has not been entered or is not correct. 

    • the green dot: the connection is good. 

    • the gray dot: LSP has been deactivated.

  3. You will get an email when a two-way connection has been established.