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XTM Cloud 13.4

Viewing the list of project groups

To access your project groups list, select Projects and then the Project groups tab.

In this tab you see the project groups to which you have access. These are the project groups:

  • created by you.

  • created by other Project Managers, but with the To all Project Managers option selected for the Visible parameter.

Project groups are displayed in a table with the following columns:

  • Project group name – sortable.

  • Last refreshed – sortable, displays the date and time of the last project group refresh.

  • Number of projects – sortable.

  • Number of files – sortable.

  • Remaining WWC – sortable.

  • Total WWC – sortable.

  • Source languages.

  • Target languages.

  • Time due – sortable, displays the nearest delivery due date from the projects in a group.

  • Project Manager – If there are multiple Project Managers on the projects in the group, the Multiple PMs information message is displayed.

In the top and bottom left corner of the table, you can set the number of entries that are displayed on one page:

  • 10.

  • 20.

  • 50.

  • 100.

In the top and bottom right corner of the table, you see the number of pages with entries.

To find and display selected project groups, use the simple Search option in the Project groups tab.