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XTM Cloud 13.4

Importing terms in XTM Cloud


Images illustrating a concept cannot be imported!

Importing terms in XTM Cloud to create or update a Customer termbase
  1. Prepare a file in one of the following file formats:

    • XLS.

    • XLSX.

    • TBX 1.0.

    • MTF.

    XTM Cloud term statuses to include in the import file
    • VALID.





    Columns with terminology translations require UTF-8 language code headers.

    Check language codes supported by XTM Cloud.

    1. Check that the source file contains:

      1. a list of terms in a source language.

      2. term equivalents in one or multiple target languages.


      Other term fields are optional.

  2. Select the Terminology > Import tab and follow the on-screen instructions.

    During term import you can:
    • set the status for all imported terms.

    • import the statuses if terms in the import file include statuses.

    • specify the status that will be set to terms without a valid status in the import file.

    • tag terminology lists during the import to improve terminology categorization.


You can add duplicate terms to existing concepts in a termbase rather than creating new concepts from them by selecting the “Add to existing concepts” checkbox and selecting the language to analyze for duplicates.

Make sure that the concepts are the same!

Adding translation to existing concepts

All terms in XTM Cloud are linked to a concept and so when you add a translation for a term it is stored in the termbase and linked to the concept.

When importing terms, if you do not select Add to existing terms, a new concept will be created for each row of terms irrespective of whether one or more of the terms already exist in the termbase.

  1. Select the Terminology tab. Enter the required search criteria and select Search.

  2. Select Add to existing concepts.

A new dropdown field is displayed with a list of languages.