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XTM Cloud 13.4

Project acceptance by an LSP


If the Contractor has the Require acceptance of task/project parameter enabled and selected for the relevant project, LSP PM will be required to accept the project prior to being able to work on it.

XTM Cloud will notify an LSP Project Manager via email of a project that requires acceptance.

To accept a project:
  1. Select Projects > Project list.

  2. Select the context menu icon bars-solid.png next to the project name.

  3. From the dropdown list, select:

    • Accept project to accept a project.

    • Decline project to decline a project.

You can also accept or decline a project in the Project Editor > Workflow tab screen.

To modify or start your workflow, you need to first accept the project. Before accepting the project, you can still assign your linguists. In this case, they will see their tasks only as planned and in view mode in XTM Workbench.


Ensure to either accept or decline tasks assigned to you as soon as possible. This will enable you to start working on your project on time and at the same time the project delivery won’t be affected.