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XTM Cloud 13.4

Combined metrics report

Use this report to see the summary of the most recent current metrics from the selected project(s).

Business use case

This report is particularly useful whenever you need an aggregated view of the most up to date scope from multiple projects at once.

Additional tip: This report can be further manually extended with additional charts to show any scope and TM leverage trends across projects.

Running the Combined metrics report.

The data from all selected projects is aggregated and displayed in one Excel file, in one table.

The combined metrics table displays numeric values in Segments, Words, Word %, Characters, Character % and Characters excluding spaces columns, in each of the following categories:

  • Initial data:

    • Total count.

    • Non-translatable.

  • Translation memory matching data:

    • ICE match.

    • Leveraged match.

    • 95-99 Fuzzy match.

    • 85-94 Fuzzy match.

    • 75-84 Fuzzy match.

    • Machine translation.

  • Internal matching data:

    • Repeat.

    • 95-99 Fuzzy repeat.

    • 85-94 Fuzzy repeat.

    • 75-84 Fuzzy repeat.

    • No matching.

  • Progress information for each workflow step:

    • Done.

    • To be done.

    • To be corrected.