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XTM Cloud 13.4

XTM Cloud optional modules

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XTM Mobile

XTM Mobile enables Project Managers to oversee projects on the go. You can focus on critical tasks such as:

  • managing projects.

  • applying smart filters.

  • accessing metrics.

  • managing LSPs.

XTM Mobile also offers some unique features such as the ability to call or send a text message to customers, users, or LSPs directly.

XTM Portal

XTM Portal is an optional module for the XTM Translation Management System. It is aimed at enterprises and LSPs. 

The main advantage for enterprises is that any company employee can request a translation and approve the cost. When translation is completed, they can then download the target files. 

XTM Connect

XTM Connect makes integrating XTM Cloud with other systems straightforward. It includes out-of-the-box connectors for popular CMSs and an SDK of fully documented web services with a sample code for building custom integrations.

See an overview of XTM Connect products and read their detailed documentation.

Adobe InDesign server

Adobe InDesign server enables you to process Adobe InDesign INDD or INDB files in XTM Cloud. With it, Linguists can use Visual mode in XTM Workbench for all Adobe InDesign file extensions (IDML, INDD, INDB). Additionally, they can benefit from viewing a WYSIWYG PDF preview of the target file.

Find out more about Adobe InDesign server.

XTM Xchange

Freelance translators and companies can publish their details in a directory. Agencies and companies can use the directory to see their skills and references and match freelance translators or companies with their job requirements.

XTM Support Portal

The purpose of the XTM Support Portal is to facilitate communication between XTM Cloud users and the XTM Support Team. The Portal helps the XTM Support Team organize the issues reported by XTM Cloud users and keep track of progress in handling issues.

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